We couldn’t be happier with our Littleton Ranch puppy, Kali. She is so incredibly sweet, loving, and easy to train. I really feel like we have found the missing piece to our life, and everyone who has ever met her is as in love with her as we are. Thank you Jennifer!

Corky is awesome. He was an angel the whole way home and we even made a few stops and took him in the stores with us. He seems wise beyond his years when he looks at you. He is smart as all get out and already knows his name and several commands. He has our house and each room memorized already! he is getting aquainted with the cats and other dogs….pretty funny. He wants to bury his little nose in the kitties, but when told “no” he hides his head behind one of us and patiently waits it out. He is of a superior temperment thus far! We adore everything about him. He is not an obnoxious puppy, he is calm and sweet, playful yet observant and very obedient! What a great breeding between those two dogs. Brains, beauty and a cool color. Everyone LOVES his color. We just could not be more pleased and thank you times a million for selling us one of your lovely puppies! – Leslie


We were so happy to add Ranger (parents are Bailey and Bugatti) to our family in 2017. We loved him so much a year later we decided to get him a little brother! Grizzly (on the right) has been the sweetest addition – he is incredibly snuggly and affectionate. They mean everything to us, thank you so much for our boys! – Laura

We purchased an Australian Mountain Doodle from Littleton Ranch in April and we couldn’t be happier with our little Hank….we are in love with this little guy. He is a very mellow and happy little boy. He loves people and has the sweetest personality. Thank you Jennifer and Littleton Ranch for raising such sweet and happy little puppies!! – Kerry

Gustav has a wonderful outgoing personality, not the least bit fearful, loves everyone he meets, he immediately became a joyful part of our family. Thank you Jennifer for your love of happy dogs, your patience with new puppy owner questions, and your willingness to work around our schedule. We love that you are ‘local’, and are thrilled to be able to support your business. Your pups are the best! I highly recommend you to anyone thinking of adding a puppy to their life❤️ – Sharon


Thank you so much for our sweet and wonderful puppy. Rusty (Hemi) is everything we were hoping for, and we just love him. I have never had a dog with such soft fur, and he really is just the cutest. He’s also a crazy circus clown (he’s always cracking us up), a super fast learner and a huge ‘helper’ in the garden. It took about a week to potty train him and we are working on lots of fun obedience skills. We appreciated all your communication and assistance while we were looking for a puppy, and really, couldn’t be happier. Thanks! – Sarah


Our Phoebe has been a great puppy. We are so happy with her and can’t wait to see how she grows and develops in the coming years. – Seana